| 04/01/2017

New Internacionalization - Denmark

<p>Ramos Ferreira Group takes another step in its internationalization process with the entry into Denmark. After entering the African, Asian and South American continent, the Group enters the European continent with the certainty that it will be the first of many challenges in this continent.<br /><br />The project is a 52,000 m2 extension of the Herlev Hospital, designed by the architects Henning Larsen Architects, Friis &amp; Moltke and Brunsgaard &amp; Laursen, will comprise a new emergency department and maternity services centre, including a pediatrics unit and maternity ward, among others. It is a bold, innovative building, whose main concern on the part of the architects was the projection of a worthy and inspiring place that has a positive effect on any recovery process. A space prepared to serve the people that are considered the happiest people in the world.<br /><br />The Group is very proud to see the recognition of its experience of more than 36 years in ​​the MEP Installations and is also proud to be at the level of the largest and most recognized companies in the sector at an international level.</p>