| 07/03/2016

Ruban d’Honor | European Business Awards

<p>The Ramos Ferreira Group was distinguished with a Ruban d'Honor at the European Business Awards and thus continues to the next stage of the competition.</p> <p>Summarizing our participation in the European Business Awards, we can say that among the 32000 companies from 33 countries that participated, and after a first selection of 678 National Champions, Ramos Ferreira is one of the 110 finalist companies. Of these 110 finalists, only 7 are Portuguese and in the “The Business of the Year Award with Turnover of € 26-150m”, only one - The Ramos Ferreira Engenharia Group.</p> <p>We congratulate all Portuguese companies that, like us, have moved on to the next stage. It is an honor to continue to represent Portugal abroad and show what is good here!</p> <p>Congratulations to the whole team that makes us permanently flooded with pride !!</p>